My friend Wes

On Monday February 18th 2019 I had the great pleasure
of meeting Wes (wes37 on Links and LSPN).

I had not heard from this player for several months
because he was no longer playing golf on Links.
Thanks to friends and especially a friend I took
my brother's car and went to Cary, NC.

I arrived at Wes house in the early hours of the morning
and parked in front of his residence. Suddenly a car
arrived in his yard and I saw a man come out and get
close to me, I turned the car in his direction and I was
not sure who he was because I had no idea to what did
Wes look like. I asked him if he was Wes and he said YES
and I could not hold back my tears I was so happy that he
was alive and in front of me because I had thought the worst
of him because I did not have any news of him.

Believe me my friends it was one of the most beautiful
day of my life, it's as if I would meet a big brother
or a great friend that I did not know existed, it was
strange and very pleasant to shake his hand.

Wes is like an angel for me and I am very happy
to have met him, that day will be in my heart forever.
I reinstalled the Links game and Wes can now play golf
on the internet with us as before.

I hope to have the opportunity to see Wes again next year
and play some golf with him.

Your Canadian friend ... Johnny